Vocabulary Notes Are Now Online

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Good news! Starting with week 8 words, our vocabulary notes are going to be online. I am going to try this out and see how it works for you. The link to access the notes is below. I think this will save time in class from cutting and gluing. You will be responsible to copy these notes down in your notes and add your own unique flare to them! I am anxious to see that. 

Also, if you forget your notebook you will have access to them to study. 

I do ask that you create your own meaningful sentence for the words and use building better sentence parts to show the meaning through context clues.

Don’t put more than two words on a page.

Remember when taking notes: write neatly, underline, use spaces and leave room for your sentences. Group the parts anyway you like and add Sketchnotes however you wish, but make your notes useable and awesome! Put just two words on a page. Thank you!

Here’s that link: