Top Newsela Readers!

Very proud of these readers. These are the top four Newsela readers based on the number of articles read and highest percentile scores. Keep reading. You could be next. I plan to award all Newsela readers who have read 100 articles and have a percentile of 70% or higher. Big reward. You have until April 1st.

Happy Holidays and Bonus

Dear Students, 

I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Break, and I wish you much success and happiness for the New Year. 

I wanted to offer some opportunities to my students to learn and bring up their grades over the holiday break.  The following are some completely optional opportunities for students to learn and earn some bonus points:

1) Percy Jackson Test Re-Take Will be January 5-6, 2016: Anyone that would like to re-take the Percy Jackson Test will have that opportunity during lunch or study hall this week. Please let me know on January 4th that you have studied and would like to re-take the test. You must hand me a note on January 4th that says something like “I have studied and want to re-take the Percy Jackson Test during Lunch on January 5th.”  or mention the study hall date and period. Include your name. Thanks! The grade you earn will be averaged with the first grade you received to give you a new score. 

IMG 0581

2) 10 Bonus Points: Write a Full-Block Letter: Due January 6, 2016. Directions: With your parents permission: Type a letter to my neighbor Caleb Turco using Google Docs and the full block letter style. Caleb graduated from Oak Harbor High School Last Spring and joined the military. He was a talented baseball player. Good guy. He might really enjoy getting a letter from his home town. In a few paragraphs, give Caleb an update on our area and wish him well. Please mention me and our class. You will need to address the envelope correctly, put a stamp on the envelope and show me the letter for reading, before you mail it. You will also submit it to Google Classroom.  Here is his contact info: 

PV2 Turco, Caleb H

2440 Andrews Ave

Unit A-1/13th CMR3

Box 7546 Bldg. 620

Fort Rucker, AL 36362

3) 10 Bonus Points: Greek Mythology in Modern Advertising. Directions: Many advertising campaigns use Greek Mythology. With your parents permission, use the internet to research five modern companies that in some way use Greek Mythology in the naming of their product or in their advertising. Be unique. Using Google Docs: Head and title your paper as we do in class. Write a short paragraph on each of the five companies. Explain how they are using Greek Mythology in their advertising, and explain why you think they did so. Explain what connections they are trying to make with their product and the mythology. You will turn this in to Google Classroom by January 6th. 

4) 10 Bonus Points: Newsela: Directions: With your parents permission, read five Newsela articles of your own choice, ones that I have NOT assigned, and earn a 75% or 100% on the quiz, and complete the Writing Question. To earn the ten points, you must complete these after December 27th, do the writing, and get a 75% or higher on the quiz. If you do not, you may keep completing article until you do. I recommend taking your time. When you are finished, post your results on the Google Classroom assignment I have created. You just name the article, your score, and state you finished the writing section. I will verify. This is due January 6th. 

You do not have to do any of the above. These are optional opportunities for people that want to earn bonus points. You can do ALL of the bonus if you so choose, but the amount of points you earn is based on the quality of your work, and how well you followed directions. No other bonus will be offered. Nothing will be accepted past the due dates listed. 

Remember: I did assign some Newsela for you to finish as homework. These do NOT count as bonus. Also, you need to work on your storyboard and bring in some props for your comic book photo shoot. We will be turning our myth narratives into comic books using Comic Life Software. This will be a memorable writing assignment. 


Oak Harbor Middle School Seventh Grade teachers and students held their 20th Annual School Bucks Auction today at the VFW Hall in Oak Harbor, Ohio.


The School Bucks Auction is a fun, interdisciplinary unit where students earn fake money for an entire quarter to bid on prizes at a culminating activity, which is an actual auction.

The prizes for the auction are donated by community members, BCS staff members, and businesses. Students earn the money by doing well on tests and quizzes, showing improvement, being leaders in and out of the class, good behavior and completing various academic tasks.sba1.JPG


Students maintain a ledger in math class. When they earn money they add it to their balance, and if they are unprepared they must make deductions. Students are reinforced for positive behavior and habits, and they learn the value of money as well.


Chad Brough, a celebrated local auctioneer, once again volunteered his time and talents to support this amazing school activity. Mr. Brough auctioned off prizes including: gift certificates, snacks, gift baskets, superintendent for a day certificate, novel trilogies, video game systems, photo shoots with a local photographer, and so much more. It was an amazing day for students.


A special lunch was provided for the students at the VFW Hall. The students modeled excellent manners and etiquette they have learned this year, while being rewarded for strong academic performance and exemplary behavior.


The auction has been an ongoing tradition now for twenty years. The seventh grade teachers worked diligently to make this year a success. Seventh grade teachers and staff involved in the planning of this year’s auction included: Tim Laderach, Rhonda Martin, Chad Hanely, John McKitrick, Jill Johnson, Tisha Augustyniak, Wendy Schmeltz, Kelly Croy, and Christy Whitaker. All staff in the Middle School and district supported this endeavor in various ways.


Many parent volunteers donated items and helped during the auction. IMG_0430.JPG


Some students bid on items for family members as gifts for Christmas.


The auction would not be possible without the support of area businesses and community members. The donations from the community and alumni are always greatly appreciated. The auction is held every year in December just before the Holiday Break.