Welcome to Mr. Croy’s Room!
I hope you had a great summer.  My family and I traveled to Tennessee for a week to visit relatives, and we spent a lot of time in our pool and backyard. We taught our youngest daughter to swim and ride a bike, drove our fifth grader regularly to cheerleading, taught our sixteen-year-old to drive a car, and took our oldest daughter to her first year of college at Miami University.  Yes, I have four daughters. I was lucky enough to take my wife to Chicago to see my favorite band, U2, in concert. I tried, unsuccessfully, to teach my dog, Jedi, to play dead, but he’s still pretty cool.
I also spent a lot of time getting the classroom ready and planning for this school year.  Teaching is something that I absolutely enjoy, and I am excited to meet my new students, learn about them, and work hard to help them become powerful communicators, readers, and writers. The seventh grade teachers and I have some great plans for the year.  It will be memorable!
We will read some great books and hopefully even create one of our own together! My classroom has an awesome set of MacBooks for the students to use, and I really enjoy using technology in our lessons and projects to make them fun and exciting.
This year we are going to offer some innovation time we call Genius Hour, for the students to use some of their own technology and work on some self directed projects. We will talk about this later, but I believe it will be very exciting and rewarding for all.
Homework for Parents: Please write an email or letter that describes your child. Include anything you would like me to know about your child, his or her needs, your goals, etc. If there is anything you would rather share or ask me in person, we can certainly set up a conference time in the first weeks of school.  kcroy@bcssd.com
Homework for Students: Please write me a short letter introducing yourself to me. Tell me about yourself. What do you like to do? What have you always wanted to learn? What books have you enjoyed? etc.
I encourage all of my students to read every single night of the week for fifteen minutes.
I encourage parents, if they are able, to sign-up as a volunteer for the Scholastic Book Fair  for October 5th thru 9th.  I will send a volunteer form home soon.
Last, I hope parents and students will sign-up for Remind 101 to receive important updates from me via text and email. I will also send directions home on how to join. It’s easy and safe.
Looking forward to a great year.
Mr. Croy