Grammar Quiz and a Four Day Weekend

Today we took a grammar quiz. I can tell the students studied. Nice work! After the quiz students worked in their grammar workbook on editing and proofreading writing. 

We spent some time on inferences and the Common Core today. We analyzed a great speech to students by President Obama on what it means to be a student. 

We worked on our preposition song/videos today. We will watch these next Friday. 

We read the myth of Hades.

I will be holding a bookmark contest for anyone interested in designing a book mark on mythology. We will laminate these. One side needs to be some artwork on mythology or Percy Jackson and on the other at least twelve mythological gods and their Roman names and Greek. These need to look great if you choose to do it. Winners will receive a certificate for some extra time on an assignment or a homework pass. I will decide later. The bookmarks must be colored and contain text.