Communication is crucial to any successful learning environment. The following communication tools are just options for parents and possibly their children.  I am not requiring that anyone join or follow any of these, I am just attempting simplify the communication process and create options. (I believe the best way for a middle schooler to use social media is with their parents. Parents can model and teach proper social media skills and answer their child’s questions.)

Here are the tools I am using to communicate with students I teach and their parents:

Phone: You can call Oak Harbor Middle School and leave a message for the secretary for me.  I will do my best to call you back within 24 hours or sooner. You can find the school’s phone number here on our Middle School website. Phone is my preferred method of communication.

Email: You can locate my email address here on the staff directory. I will answer simple questions and requests. If I believe a phone call is needed I will phone rather than send an email. Phone calls or in person meetings are my preferred method to communicate directly with parents.

Meeting: Please contact the Middle School secretary and I will be pleased to meet with parents. Our secretary will be able to set up a meeting with you during my planning period. You can also check our district calendar for parent/teacher nights, but I will happily make time to help one of my students succeed.

WordPress: I am using a WordPress site running Standard Theme to create this website to help communicate with my students and their parents. I purchased a vanity domain name ‘MrCroy’ from GoDaddy to simplify finding the site for everyone.  The entire site is hosted on GoDaddy.  A small investment that will allow me to create a powerful online presence 24/7 to help my students.  That’s what it’s all about! (You can even subscribe via email and get the posts delivered to you.) I plan on sharing our classroom accomplishments and work.)

Remind101 : This is an automated texting service that will send reminders to parents via text message. You can subscribe by clicking HERE, and you can read more about it in this article. This service is designed for parents, but if they give permission to their children to subscribe I have no problem with it. You will not be able to text me, nor I you; it is an automated system.  I post, and it sends out a mass text to subscribers.

Google Classroom:  We will be using a Learning Magagement System in class called Google Classroom.  It is a free service that will allow students to share their digital creations such as writings, presentations, movies, and more with each other and comment on them.  We can also take simple quizze and share reflections. It is a walled garden.  No one outside of the class will be able to see the students’ work.  We are using it as an electronic portfolio to store our work and learn. I will post invitation links for parents and students to join the specific class.


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