ELA Testing

I am very proud of all of my students. Each has worked hard to prepare. I see a lot of effort in them during these tests.

My goal as an educator is to encourage a lifetime love of learning and students who see the importance, power, joy, and benefits of reading and writing.

Thank you to everyone for working hard and giving your best.

ELA testing concludes today, but our school year of reading, writing, and learning to communicate powerfully continues. I have many fun projects planned for you. We will be reading more novels and we will even make a movie!

Much to look forward to accomplishing!

Top Newsela Readers!

Very proud of these readers. These are the top four Newsela readers based on the number of articles read and highest percentile scores. Keep reading. You could be next. I plan to award all Newsela readers who have read 100 articles and have a percentile of 70% or higher. Big reward. You have until April 1st.