Calamity Day #2 for Mr. Croy

Wow! Another day off.

Attached you will find the Calamity Day 2 assignment.  You will have two weeks from today to complete it.  Please perform a close reading on the passage, a fable this time, and answer the questions.  There is an extended response on this one. Please write complete sentences and use transitions, etc. on the extended response.

It is incredibly cold.  Please be safe and help your family.

You can also use the time to read and work on

If I can be of help, email me.

Enjoy another four day weekend.

Hit the “read more” to view and print the Calamity Day 2 pages or I can print them for you when we return. 

Here are the pages: CD2 p1CD2 p2CD2 p3

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  • Max Puckett

    yesss more homework! (: