A Three Day Week

Today we read most of chapter five of The Lightning Thief in class. Students are assigned to finish the chapter and answer the nine questions on that chapter. Please write the answers in complete sentences. 

We will have a grammar quiz on Wednesday over the first eleven grammar terms. Students have these notes copied in their notebooks and they created eleven flashcards.  They need to study for a few minutes each night. 

We had a read aloud today from Mr. Croy about Athene and we read the first four pages together from “World Myths and Folk Tales.”

Students wrote a one-page journal on their weekend. Many wrote about The Oak Harbor Apple Festival.  We may share some of these out loud this week. 

We do not have school on Thursday or Friday; teachers will be taking some classes. 

A review sheet on the Hunger Games was distributed today. Students should fill in a few lines each night. The paper will be due a week from this Friday.