Oak Harbor Middle School Seventh Grade teachers and students held their 20th Annual School Bucks Auction today at the VFW Hall in Oak Harbor, Ohio.


The School Bucks Auction is a fun, interdisciplinary unit where students earn fake money for an entire quarter to bid on prizes at a culminating activity, which is an actual auction.

The prizes for the auction are donated by community members, BCS staff members, and businesses. Students earn the money by doing well on tests and quizzes, showing improvement, being leaders in and out of the class, good behavior and completing various academic tasks.sba1.JPG


Students maintain a ledger in math class. When they earn money they add it to their balance, and if they are unprepared they must make deductions. Students are reinforced for positive behavior and habits, and they learn the value of money as well.


Chad Brough, a celebrated local auctioneer, once again volunteered his time and talents to support this amazing school activity. Mr. Brough auctioned off prizes including: gift certificates, snacks, gift baskets, superintendent for a day certificate, novel trilogies, video game systems, photo shoots with a local photographer, and so much more. It was an amazing day for students.


A special lunch was provided for the students at the VFW Hall. The students modeled excellent manners and etiquette they have learned this year, while being rewarded for strong academic performance and exemplary behavior.


The auction has been an ongoing tradition now for twenty years. The seventh grade teachers worked diligently to make this year a success. Seventh grade teachers and staff involved in the planning of this year’s auction included: Tim Laderach, Rhonda Martin, Chad Hanely, John McKitrick, Jill Johnson, Tisha Augustyniak, Wendy Schmeltz, Kelly Croy, and Christy Whitaker. All staff in the Middle School and district supported this endeavor in various ways.


Many parent volunteers donated items and helped during the auction. IMG_0430.JPG


Some students bid on items for family members as gifts for Christmas.


The auction would not be possible without the support of area businesses and community members. The donations from the community and alumni are always greatly appreciated. The auction is held every year in December just before the Holiday Break.