The students have finished their Comic Life Myths and they look great!  We have a hard copy available in the classroom and we have digital formats available for download off Edmodo. Please read some of the students’ creative work. 

Today students read a little bit of Catching Fire in class. Make sure you keep your reading logs up to date. 

We worked with quotation marks. Students are learning how to use them in dialogue and to reference poems, songs, short stories, etc. 

We took our reaping picture for our culminating activity. 

Students can (and probably should) be completing article and iReading lessons at home if parents allow them. This would be great!

Every student read aloud their “Burger Battle” paragraph and received a critique.  They were all great and we found areas to improve upon. 

Everyone received new seats today. I paid students for their Catching fire quiz with $chool Buck$.