Online Resources for All Grade Levels

Today I met with groups of teachers, and teachers individually regarding online resources for their classrooms.

A high school English teacher shared a need for a grammar diagnostic tool, interest in using Google Classroom to collect, share, and grade writing, and communicating with an English teacher, a connection of mine, in Roslyn, New York via FaceTime to share ideas about literature and what writing looks like today. Really looking forward to making this happen.

This high school teacher is interested in: blogging, alternative assessments, publishing writing, and using some sort of discussion board along with a grammar diagnostic tool.

I also really liked the middle school’s DEAR initiative for BOTH students AND teachers. DEAR stands for Drop Everything And Read. Love the idea of giving everyone time to read.

I also like their after school opportunity of a study table to do homework and the number of students taking them up on it.

I will be visiting all 3 fleets each Monday.

I need to schedule individual meetings with HS and get to grade level meeting at intermediate building and listen.

It’s good to be in multiple buildings helping teachers.

Here are some of the resources we discussed today:

Engage NY: Free curriculum for Math and ELA. Caution: immense
Common Lit: Free Resource for articles and quizzes like Newsela:
Khan Academy: Free for Math and many, many other areas. (Math is most developed.) You can chart students and have them complete a % or minutes per week.
Ohio State Standards: It’s always good to know what we are suppose to teach and see the revisions and changes to our standards:
Schmoop/Standards: You search a standard and it connects resources.
Google Classroom as a Learning Management System, LMS
Google Scholar for Research
Ohio Link: Research Database:
No Red Ink: to help ELA teachers with grammar instruction and writing:
Paperpile: Another ELA tool I am looking into regarding research, etc.
These are all great resources.
I also organized a team of four teachers and four administrators to be a part of the Ohio Department of Education STEM team think tank. This will be great for our district in many ways, but I love that we will be sharing ideas with other innovative schools.



Don’t Forget the Coaching

Started the morning visiting the middle school team meetings which they call Fleet Time here. The teachers are passionate and organized. I am going to add this to my weekly schedule to attend one meeting a week here.

Next, I visited the Primary and Intermediate buildings. Very proud of our Primary and Intermediate schools’ focus on literacy. They are partnering with Scholastic on a new reading program. This investment in the program is significant, but getting the resources for anything is never enough. You must also train those who will use it. We are looking at coaching options for the staff.

I am helping the buildings obtain the coaching they need. When you look at what you have invested in a program it only makes sense to add the coaching.

I met with our talented and gifted coordinator from North Point today and learned much. She outlined some possibilities for 0ur staff and students. It was very helpful meeting, and I look forward to working with her.

The high school’s Leadership Council of students led activities outside to focus on building leadership skills. They did a great job.

It was a great day, and I enjoyed talking with the office staff about future plans.

Director of Innovation and Instruction: My New Position at a New School

I am excited to announce that I have accepted the position of Director of Innovation and Instruction at Port Clinton City School District. 

This was not an easy decision to make after twenty-six years of teaching seventh grade English at Oak Harbor Middle School. Twenty-six years is a career in itself, and I will always cherish the great memories of my time in the classroom. 

I am excited to begin a new career path as a educational leader. I will be an administrator at Port Clinton. 

I have an office in the Board of Education at Port Clinton, but I plan to be very intentional about getting in classrooms and working with teachers. I have also challenged myself to co-teach a lesson at every grade level. I know that is a big goal, but I think it would be awesome to have experienced every grade level and an incredible variety of classes. 

My goals as the Director of Innovation and Instruction are to help teachers and students become their absolute best. I want to inspire the use of new, innovative teaching practices in the classroom and help implement emerging trends in education. There are many exciting initiatives that I plan to help start and organize. I aspire to promote the exciting work going on in classrooms and help teachers gain access to educational leaders and resources. 

I am excited that I will not be evaluating teachers. Instead, I will be celebrating their great work. 

I will miss the daily rapport with students, but I hope to start some cool clubs and programs here to supplement that. 

In short, I am so exited for this opportunity. It was exactly what I needed at this point in my career and I am honored to be offered this prestigious position. 

I will work hard to make a difference. 

I will always be a Rocket and hold Oak Harbor Middle School in the highest of regard in my heart. What a great experience Oak Harbor Middle School has been for me! You don’t abandon the friends, experiences, and titles as you advance in your career, rather, you add them to your identity. 

I am incredibly proud of my work in Oak Harbor. I really feel I have made a difference. 

Thank you to all of my students, their families, my colleagues, friends, and administrators that have supported and encourage me over the past twenty-six years. Your support and blessing in this new endeavor mean more to me than you will ever know. 

My mission is to make a difference in the lives of students. This new career provides me with new pathways and possibilities to do that. 


ELA Testing

I am very proud of all of my students. Each has worked hard to prepare. I see a lot of effort in them during these tests.

My goal as an educator is to encourage a lifetime love of learning and students who see the importance, power, joy, and benefits of reading and writing.

Thank you to everyone for working hard and giving your best.

ELA testing concludes today, but our school year of reading, writing, and learning to communicate powerfully continues. I have many fun projects planned for you. We will be reading more novels and we will even make a movie!

Much to look forward to accomplishing!